Bay Area BlendEd Consortium

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Through the Bay Area BlendEd Consortium, you will have access to unique courses that take advantage of the resources of the Bay Area and have the opportunity to learn with students from other Bay Area schools. BlendEd courses cover topics like Social Psychology, Bay Area Cinema & Filmmaking, Gender Studies, and Applied Al in Python and take place both online and in-person. BlendEd courses combine both interactive and individual work. 

All BlendEd courses are UC approved, and students are strongly encouraged to consider taking a BlendEd course during their time at Branson. All BlendEd courses are electives that students may take in addition to meeting their graduation requirements. For more information about BlendEd, check out or contact Branson’s BlendEd Coordinator, Jeff Symonds.

BlendEd Students:

  • commit to ~5-6 hours of coursework per week
  • attend 3-5 face-to-face (F2F) sessions/field trips
  • participate in regular virtual class meetings
  • receive credit on their home school transcripts
  • work actively, creatively, independently, and collaboratively
  • take responsibility for their progress and learning 

BlendEd Learning:

  • is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students
  • is rigorous and challenging
  • often takes advantage of the unique local learning resources
  • meet thorough blended learning design/delivery standards
  • is UC approved (some are “a-f”, most are “g” approved)
  • has an average class size of 11 students (and ranges from 5-18 students)


Doug Wick leads his students in experiment

Proposed Courses:

  • Medical Mysteries
  • Women’s Studies
  • Astronomy / Astrophysics
  • Business and Law
  • Economics
  • Gender Studies / LGBTQ History
  • Applied Engineering / Engineering
  • Gentrification: Politics, Economics, Sociology, and Urban Planning
  • Bioethics
  • Middle Eastern Studies / Religion and Politics
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