We believe that the study of the past fosters the compassion, humility and moral vision that Branson strives to impart.

Our classes are open spaces for discussion, debate, and collaboration. We expect students to formulate their own questions about the past, analyze primary and secondary sources, and discuss and write about their conclusions. We ask students to engage with concepts and controversies, considering a variety of perspectives so as to better understand themselves and foster empathy for others. The goal is to provide students with tools that will help them engage meaningfully in the challenges of the future as citizens and members of the global community.

Political Forum Fosters Meaningful Conversations

“Community Conversations on Democracy” was a political forum sponsored by the History Department in the spring of 2020 in advance of the presidential election. After a special assembly providing an overview of US government and election structure, the entire school attended small group breakout sessions on current political issues facilitated by Branson faculty and students.

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